Natural Hair tips

Its Sunday so that means its WASH DAY …Happy scalp =HAPPY CURLZ…down below I’ll give steps on how I do my Wash day routine to keep my hair healthy

Step #1 Prepoo which is optional but I like to do this every wash day just to give my hair that extra moisture before using shampoo…u can do this by doing a 30min hot oil treatment or just using an oil and conditioner mixture for 30mins

Step #2 Shampoo (Sulfate free and natural ingredients)

Step #3 condition with a moisturizing conditioner with great slip for detangling purposes

Step #4 Deep condition with an moisturizing Deep Conditioner but if you need some protein you can follow up with a protein treatment aswell I do protein treatments every month since I’m low porosity (I’ll discuss Porosities in another post)

Step #5 Moisture hair using Loc or Lco technique then style to your liking…Happy Curlz Ladies 💋

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