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Whipped Body and Hair Butter!!!

Hi Everyone, I hope The New Year is starting off well for you all . First I wanted to say Thank you to Everyone who liked or even just browsed my content this past year. Im still new to this Blog life and learning as i go. Hopefully some of you discovered great Tips on Natural Curly Hair!

I’m coming on here Today to let you all know that at the end of this month, I will be giving away FREE samples of my All Natural Whipped Body/Hair Butter for Dry skin and hair. Some will have Fragrance some will not depending on your preference. If anyone is interested in trying out my All Natural Butters please contact me at my Email: (This is the year i put my plans into action)!!

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Thursdays 💍

I dropped alot of Gems today for my curly hair girls I hope you all enjoyed the tips…but tomorrow is for my Ladies getting married looking for NATURAL or Elegant Bridal hairstyles to wear on your big day…I got some good pics for you to look at for some great ideas..and also I will be uploading different bridal Shower themes and backdrop ideas aswell…I kno this can be a stressful time trying to get everything together and sometimes you just get overwhelmed…well that’s when I come in to help and give you some good options and ideas to narrow down your search 🙋🏾‍♀️💋

Natural Hair tips, Wedding Ideas

Updated Blog Schedule

These are what my Blogs will be about during the week…I will be sharing videos,pics and tips on each Topic …I made 2 separate pages for you “1 for Natural Hair Updates and the other for Wedding updates”

  • SUNDAYS- Wash day, night time routines, and Natural Hair Products
  • TUESDAYS-Wedding Ideas
  • Wednesdays- How to Remoisturize your natural Curly/Coily hair
  • THURSDAYS-Bridal Shower Ideas
  • FRIDAYS- Protective Styling
  • SATURDAYS- Different Hairstyles and transitioning Tips