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Braidout vs Twistout

Braid Out VS Twist Out on Natural Hair

If you want more of a Curly, Fluffy, more Volume and Defined style then try the Twistout.

*Use lighter products with a softer hold*

If you more of a Wavy, Stretched, Elongated, and Defined style that shows more of your length then try the Braidout.

*Use more heavier products with a stronger hold*

Quick Top: If you want your hair to dry faster do your style on damp NOT soaking wet hair!!

Natural Hair tips

It’s That Time Again Wash Day For Healthy Natural Curly Hair.

Products used in Today’s Wash-Day Routine

Also I decided to do a diy Avocado and Banana hair mask

My hair loves fresh Avocados 🙂

Products used in Today’s Moisturizing Routine

And I sealed all this amazing moisture in with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Wash Day is complete!!

I’am currently air drying for the remainder of the day