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Natural Hair tips

Journey to Waist Length… Down below are a few Inspirational videos of women who Big Chopped or Transitioned their hair to be on a new Healthy Natural Hair Journey to reach Waist Length!

Big Chop to Natural

Transitioned to Natural

Whatever you decide to do, just be consistent in your routine and KEEP YOUR HAIR MOISTURIZED!!! Enjoy the Journey 😃

Natural Hair tips

Natural Hair Products Explained to get a better understanding when starting your Natural Hair Regimen

Natural Hair Products Explained

When starting a Hair Regimen you must find Products that work for you and your hair. What works for other’s might not work for you.

Also you must know your hair Porosity there’s 3 different kinds of Porosity

1. Low Porosity

2. Normal Porosity

3. High Porosity

Down below is a video of someone explaining how her low Porosity Hair does not like Leave in conditioners but it prefers Hair Milks instead.