Natural Hair Tips

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I personally use the Mielle Babassu deep conditioner which is BOMB and the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Good morning, today I’m dropping gems for my natural curly hair girls who need the TEA on how to get moisturized hair…stay Tuned!!!

7 steps to Happy Curls

1st let’s talk about how to even properly moisturize your hair….weather your hair porosity is LOW, NORMAL or HIGH the number 1 moisturizer is………………………………………. (LOOKS AROUND NERVOUSLY) πŸ˜’ WATER!!! Yes if ur a curly girl or thinking about becoming a curly girl ur hair’s bestfriend is that we got that out the way now what…well now this is where you need to find out ur hairs POROSITY so you can know which Moisturize method will you use.. The L.C.O which is (WATER or a WATER BASED PRODUCT) water base meaning the 1st ingredient on that product is WATER then you follow it with a CREAM(Ur cream of choice) a curly cream, a hair milk, a hair smoothie etc and lastly a butter or oil of ur choice to seal all that moisture in which will result in MOISTURIZED HAIR..Now L.O.C is the same products but just layering it on differently…So WATER or a WATER BASED product(Leave in conditioner) than an oil followed by a CREAM..

*Quick TIP* Your hair will stay moisturized longer if you braid or twist it up after moisturizing it

It might seem like it’s alot to do to keep up with natural hair but if you want healthy Curly hair you gotta put in the work…since our hair is naturally DRY you have to help your hair out because ONLY YOU can keep it healthy…plus once you get the hang of it it’ll be a breeze to take care’s an example of myself of being consistent and having a regimen

Side note: I didn’t realize how much my hair has grown in this year timeframe until I went to my gallery looking for pics to post

This was May 2018

Above is June 2019 ☝🏾

I’m on a journey myself still but I’m sharing what I’ve learned and researched so far so I’m passing on the knowledge

Even tho she was having a bad hair week..she NEVER stopped adding moisture to her hair…MOISTURE IS KEY TO HYDRATED HAIR

How to do L.C.O method now everyone has their own technique so remember do what works best for your hair

Lco vs loc method

L.C.O method is “normally” Done by my Low porosity hair girls and L.O.C “usually” done by my High porosity hair girls

How to Remoisturize natural hair mid week without rewashing hair til next wash day

Oils now oils are tricky because some weigh your hair down depending on your POROSITY and some may be too light depending on your POROSITY…but they all have there own benefits for natural Curly hair here’s a video explaining on which oils actually penetrates the hair shaft and which oil sits on top of the hair which will be used as a sealant to seal in the moisture from ur water based products you’ve applied

D.Y.I (do it yourself growth oil) now before I go further please note that there’s more than just oils that contribute to hair growth…u have genetics, health, damage and all other things that can keep your hair at a certain length but what oils can do is just give ur hair the nourishment it needs to help maintain healthy hair which promotes longer hair

Sidenote: you can mix together any oils you want and make your own concoction

All Natural butters for Natural hair

CARRIER oils vs ESSENTIAL oils for natural hair…know the difference

1 year apart (June 2018 -June 2019) enjoying my natural hair journey


What is protective styling and how does it make your hair grow and maintain it’s health if done CORRECTLY

So with that being said I’m going to show pics of all 3 and drop some gems along with it enjoy

  • Natural
  • Low manipulation
  • Synthetic protective style

Protective styling done with natural hair

This form of styling is considered the best Protective Style for length retention….hair is moisturized and ends are tucked away…

Like I mentioned before in another blog post…your hair is growing but are you RETAINING the hair that Is growing which boils done to HOW WELL ARE YOU TREATING YOUR ENDS because that’s the part that’s giving you the length….if ur ends are splitting and damaged then its breaking off at the end while it’s growing from the scalp…nd when that happens you retained NO LENGTH so now u think your hair not growing


Now low manipulation styles are GREAT styles only downside your ends ARE NOT protected BUT it still work out for Length retention because your letting your hair be your not combing it everyday, styling it with products everyday and you can easily spritz your hair with water and add moisture right back to your hair….plus these styles are way too cute especially for my girls who dont like to put weave In their head..

Now we get to the most common Protective Styling

Weave, wigs,crochet Braids…..are they good protective styles for Length retention…..and the answer is ehhh Not so much…

  • They pull on your hair too tight
  • Your hair is not being moisturized properly
  • Thin out edges
  • Makes hair dry

Now don’t get me wrong I definitely wear my braids no question BUTTTT I also properly moisturize my hair before getting them installed and I don’t go pass 4 weeks of wearing them…I did that 1 time I had some cute box braids in they looked so neat so I left them in pass 4 wks tuh when I took them out my hair was soooo knotted and dry nd when it was time to detangle I felt like I was ripping my hair out smh I said NEVER AGAIN I go 3 weeks 4 weeks MAX

Now this protective style took over the game but how Protective is it?

WIGS as a protective style is it good for Length retention??

Sidenote: idky that Google ad is there πŸ˜«πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Ok so now that you see what Protective Styling is all about just choose wisely if your looking to maintain healthy hair and wanting to achieve Length retention…


Black hair is so versatile we just gotta know how to treat it…

Today’s Topic will be about the Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning back to Natural Hair

What does Transitioning mean?

Here are a few pictures of Transitioning Back to Natural Hair

As you can see the ends are still damaged, but the roots are back to its normal State of Texture and Curl pattern.

How to Transition back to Natural Hair

Down Below has a few Do’s and Don’ts Tips on how to maintain healthy Hair while Transitioning

Transitioning Hairstyles

Natural Hair Sunday

Today’s Topic will be about Building a regimen for the perfect Wash Day for Healthy Curly Hair

What is a regimen

For instance, my regimen consists of me washing it Every Sunday.

  • 1st I prepoo with an oil and conditioner
  • Then I wash with a shampoo, condition and deep condition
  • Then after I do the L.C.O method to lock in the moisture
  • Last, I style with a gel to hold my curl definition in place

So that’s my Hair Regimen, even though I switch up my hair products, I still do the same routine every Sunday . I switch my products up to see what product works best in my hair so I can narrow down what products to keep in rotation

Today’s Wash Day is now complete

Now all I have to do is air dry…

Good morning, Today’s Natural hair Topic will be about refreshing your Next Day Hair, after wash day. Which for me will be refreshing a Wash n go (that is my go to style)

I love Wash n Go’s they show the true pattern of your natural curls and also it’s great for Length Retention due to it being a Low Manipulation Style

Examples of a Wash n Go

How to get the perfect Wash n Go

This video shows how to refresh your Wash n Go style especially for my Naturals with a Twa (Tiny weeny Afro)

For me personally the next day after my wash day, I refresh my hair in the morning with a light oil. I rub it in between my hands to warm it up. Then I carefully take sections of my hair and slide my hands down the length of my hair from roots to ends. This step breaks the gel cast making your hair much fluffier and more voluminous

Everyone has their own unique way of Refreshing and Styling their hair. So make sure you do what works best for you!

Today’s Natural Hair Topic will be about BIG CHOP vs TRANSITIONING. Which one will you choose to reach your healthy hair goal?

For me I wanted to get rid of all my damaged hair , So I did the Big Chop after Transitioning for a few months

Big chop before and after photos

Transitioning Hair before and after photos

5 tips to maintain healthy curly hair for Big Chop and Transitioning hair

  • Keep a clean scalp
  • Keep hair moisturized
  • Deep conditioner weekly
  • Stay away from direct heat
  • Be Patient

Hair Type, Is it important?

For me, I’m in between Type 3 and Type 4, mainly being type 4 all over with a looser type 3 curl in my bang area

Natural Hair Wednesday Topic will be about, the benefits of deep conditioning natural hair

Now there’s different kinds of deep conditioners.

  • Protein treatments
  • Moisturizing deep conditioners
  • Protein/Moisturizing balance deep conditioners

You must know what your hair want/need, because you dont want too much of a certain overload. It will defeat the purpose of what you wanted to do for your hair

D.I.Y mask

For me I’m Low Porosity and Protein Sensitive, so I reach for my moisturizing deep conditioners such as Miche Beauty deep conditioner, Shea moisture manuka honey, but when I want that perfect Protein/Moisture Balance I use my Mielle Organic’s Babbasu Oil and Mint deep conditioner which is amazing my hair loves that stuff.

Down below is a link that will give you a more clearer understanding about Protein treatments and how often should they be done. πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Natural Hair Friday, how often should you trim your Natural Curly hair for growth and healthy hair!

Down Below is a video to show you how to trim your own hair if you can’t afford Salon Prices

Benefits of Trimming Natural Hair

Which way is best for getting Natural hair trimmed, Wet or Dry hair?

Should You get your Natural Curly hair Straightened or leave it in it’s Natural State for a Trim?

Sunday wash Day

Best ways to elongate your Wash n Go

  • Heat Stretching
  • Banding
  • Pineapple

Sunday Natural Hair Tip

Prepooing is a great way to prevent hair from coming out before your wash day

My Sunday Wash Day

First here’s my Shampoo, conditioner and Deep conditioner I used today

Second step is sealing in my moisture also known as L.C.O plus styling

Followed that up with a Wash n go..currently Air drying

Natural hair Wednesday Tips

Which one are you?

Wash n Go for Thick Natural Curly Hair, also some products you might want to give a try

Anyone looking for some inspiration to Big Chop check out the video below

Building a regimen is EVERYTHING for natural hair

3 year difference

Ladies whatever you do, DO NOT LET ANYONE braid your edges this tight

Here’s a video on how to maintain a twistout/Braidout throughout the week

Have you ever wondered which essential oils are best for your DIY Natural haircare’s a link to see which one is Best for you and your Hair!