Natural Hair tips

Shrinkage!!! Us Naturals know what it mean to have shrinkage especially after doing a cute Wash n Go style, nicely elongated from the products you’ve applied; But then boom 2 hours pass by and now your hair looks like a mushroom. I’ve found some tips to help combat Shrinkage for Natural Curly Hair.

Tips To Help Control Shrinkage

Natural Hair Shrinkage

Natural Hair tips

Post wash day

When I heard the phrase “shrinkage is REAL” I didn’t get it but since being natural now for a year n a half I understand…I learned so much in this time frame….I’m still learning my hair on what she likes and dislike but so far I got my wash n goes down packed… But 1 thing that I found out Is Shrinkage =healthy curls if you can stretch it and it bounce back them boom Sis your on the right track

Mz T’s healthy Hair TIP:

Before you start buying Products KNOW YOUR HAIR POROSITY…Hair porosity is what determines your hair needs and wants…