Natural Hair tips

Shrinkage!!! Us Naturals know what it mean to have shrinkage especially after doing a cute Wash n Go style, nicely elongated from the products you’ve applied; But then boom 2 hours pass by and now your hair looks like a mushroom. I’ve found some tips to help combat Shrinkage for Natural Curly Hair.

Tips To Help Control Shrinkage

Natural Hair Shrinkage

Natural Hair tips

Journey to Waist Length… Down below are a few Inspirational videos of women who Big Chopped or Transitioned their hair to be on a new Healthy Natural Hair Journey to reach Waist Length!

Big Chop to Natural

Transitioned to Natural

Whatever you decide to do, just be consistent in your routine and KEEP YOUR HAIR MOISTURIZED!!! Enjoy the Journey πŸ˜ƒ