Natural Hair tips

Sundays For Me=Wash Day

Down Below are 2 different Wash Day routines but the goal is the same! (Clean the scalp/ hair, then moisturize and seal that moisture in followed by styling)!

My Wash Day Products this week are:

Clarifying Shampoo


Deep Conditioner

Moisturizing Products

And Lastly sealing it all in

I put 2 cornrows in my Hair and will be Protective Styling for the remainder of the week!

Happy Wash Day 🙃

Natural Hair tips

Braidout vs Twistout

Braid Out VS Twist Out on Natural Hair

If you want more of a Curly, Fluffy, more Volume and Defined style then try the Twistout.

*Use lighter products with a softer hold*

If you more of a Wavy, Stretched, Elongated, and Defined style that shows more of your length then try the Braidout.

*Use more heavier products with a stronger hold*

Quick Top: If you want your hair to dry faster do your style on damp NOT soaking wet hair!!