Natural Hair tips

My Hair Came Along Way and I’m still learning new things about it everyday….

Before my Natural Hair Journey 2017…….
(Heat Damage, Color Damage and Relaxer Damage)

The Day of my Big Chop October 2018
The Day After my Big Chop
I had absolutely no regrets

3 Years Later

Dry waiting to be moisturized
January 2021
3 years later Jan 2021
The curls are here to stay
3 years later my journey continues…this pic was taken yesterday January 16, 2021 (The Shrinkage is definitely real)

Natural Hair tips

Do You Use Regular Conditioner As A Leave In?

This past wash day ( Sunday) I tried it. Instead of using a leave in conditioner, I wanted to see how long my hair would stay moisturized if I used a rinse out conditioner and I must say, From Sunday to Today (Thursday) my hair is still moisturized. I sealed it off with Avocado Oil put 4 twist in my hair and called it a week.

I still have Shine and elasticity
Day 4 hair with no remoisturizing