Natural Hair tips

9 Key Tips on Growing Natural Curly Hair. I’ve been doing these steps faithfully for the last 2+ years and I’m loving the outcome. It might seem like a lot to wash your hair Weekly or Bi-Weekly, keeping it moisturized on the regular or even stopping the use of Direct heat, but remember Natural Curly/Coily hair is Different and Unique, If you want it to be Long, Curly and Healthy you have to put in the work to maintain it. So you have to give it an extra Umph and watch it Flourish. Trust the Process and enjoy the Journey!!

Build you a Hair Regimen and stick to it!!

Learn How To Grow African American Hair Faster 2020

Here’s a few Pictures of a couple YouTube Influencers that I follow on YouTube and Instagram that has inspired me to grow my hair out. I left their Instagram names on their pictures so you can browse their pages for some motivation.

Dont be fooled Ladies we can do it too!!

Natural Hair tips

27 months has passed by since I’ve Big Chopped and I can honestly say it was the BEST hair decision ever. I retained a decent amount of growth over this timeframe and i cant wait to see where my hair will be in another 2 years from now!! Journey to Waist Length is in Full Effect ✊🏾

A few weeks before my Big Chop October 2017

1 month after my Big Chop November 2017
This was yesterday Jan 2020

A comparison of the back From then to now

I shared this picture on Facebook yesterday
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Whipped Body and Hair Butter!!!

Hi Everyone, I hope The New Year is starting off well for you all . First I wanted to say Thank you to Everyone who liked or even just browsed my content this past year. Im still new to this Blog life and learning as i go. Hopefully some of you discovered great Tips on Natural Curly Hair!

I’m coming on here Today to let you all know that at the end of this month, I will be giving away FREE samples of my All Natural Whipped Body/Hair Butter for Dry skin and hair. Some will have Fragrance some will not depending on your preference. If anyone is interested in trying out my All Natural Butters please contact me at my Email: (This is the year i put my plans into action)!!