Natural Hair tips

2nd Half of my Wash Day with Box Braids

This is after I’ve sat under my Soft Bonnet Dyer before washing out the deep conditioner

After washing out my Deep Conditioner I followed up with moisturizing my hair using the LCO method which is Leave in conditioner, Cream and Oil/Butter then oiled my scalp with my DIY (Do It Yourself) hair growth oil.

Hair is Clean and Moisturized

Once my hair has been Moisturized I added a few pumps of Mousse to set my hair back in Place

Lastly I grabbed my Satin scarf and tied my hair down to set everything until it dries

Tied down for the remainder of the Day

And thats it my Wash day with Box Braids is complete 🙂

Natural Hair tips

Wash Day with Synthetic Box Braids!!

Products Used

The Purpose of Protective Styling is to give your Natural Hair a Break from Constant Styling, Daily Manipulation, and for most of us help with Length Retention.

But in order to maintain Healthy Natural Curly Hair when in a Protective Style, you must still take care of your Natural Hair in that Protective Style meaning sticking to your regimen, Keeping your scalp clean and keeping your hair moisturized. Even though your ends are tucked away the Synthetic Fibers of the Braiding hair will suck all the moisture out of your hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Once that happens when it’s time to take out your braids you will have more breakage which leads to NO LENGTH RETENTION.

Deep Conditioning with Synthetic Box Braids.