Natural Hair tips

Braidout vs Twistout

Braid Out VS Twist Out on Natural Hair

If you want more of a Curly, Fluffy, more Volume and Defined style then try the Twistout.

*Use lighter products with a softer hold*

If you more of a Wavy, Stretched, Elongated, and Defined style that shows more of your length then try the Braidout.

*Use more heavier products with a stronger hold*

Quick Top: If you want your hair to dry faster do your style on damp NOT soaking wet hair!!

Natural Hair tips

Tips on how to achieve a Twistout on Natural Curly Hair

Tips on how to maintain your Twistout Style on Natural Curly Hair

*You can do this Style on Natural or Transitioning Hair but do remember Transitioning Hair will not curl at the ends properly like your Natural hair would, So make sure to use some form of rods to set your ends for better curl definition 🙂