Wedding/Bridal Shower Ideas

The perfect Wedding ,Bridal Shower,Bachelor and Bachelorette events Ideas

  • More cute and elegant Flower Girl dresses

I love fashion so I really take my time and pick each one out…I will show nothing but the best in my personal opinion but I’m sure you’ll love them too…

Today’s wedding Thursday so I will be dropping some great gems for u ladies who need some cute ideas for your Special day…so sit back and enjoy the view šŸ˜˜

Starting this off with some AMAZING Bridal Hairstyles

This is by far My Favorite

Next up I have some Cute Themes ideas for Your Bridal Shower

He put a ring on it theme

Masquerade Theme

Princess/Queen Themes

Idk what this is called but I thought it was Cute,Unique and different…so I’ll just call this in In the Clouds THEME

Then we get to this very unique Theme..I would have never thought of this idea..

Victoria’s Secret Theme

And here are a few more creative themes

This one is super cool for an outside Bridal Shower

Cute and Creative Backdrop Ideas…and all these Backdrops are D.I.Y so you dont even have to pay anybody to set it up..

Very Cute but yet Simple

These next 2 are Great ideas for an Outside Shower

And Lastly this one is by far my Favorite it’s not too much but yet it still has alot of stuff going on that’s eye catching

Its something about that Gold background and the black Table with that white nd gold in the front that makes me like this one alot…I’m not an extreme girl…I like things CUTE n SIMPLE (Just like me) šŸ™ƒ

Good Afternoon, Today’s wedding Ideas will be featuring pictures of Ring Bearer and Groom Suits

Wedding Thursday

Today’s Wedding Ideals will be featuring Bridal Shoes and Bridesmaids dresses

The beginning to a Wonderful Journey

Bridal Shoes

So many beautiful styles to choose from

Different Styles

Bridesmaids Dresses

Today’s Wedding Tuesday ideas will be Special. I’ll be sharing a few pictures of My Bestfriend’s Wedding from over the weekend.

The Bride

The Bride and Groom

The Wedding Cake

My Sister and I

The Treat Table

Table Setting

The Made of Honor (Myself)

It was a Beautiful Event and Happy to share some Personal Wedding ideas with you!

Bachelorette Getaways Ideas

This past March my friends and I decided to book a Bachelorette Getaway in Miami/Keywest Florida for my Bestfriend. We had a blast, from Pole dancing to Parasailing. I definitely recommend finding an Agency. We went with Bachelorette Party Miami, I’ll leave the link below

Sailing in Keywest, Fl
This picture is from our PhotoShoot we had at the Beach in Miami